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About Americas Florist

America's Florist has been in business over 40 years. Once known as Petalpeddlers, we have a local delivery area of over 250 square miles. You may recognize our red, white and blue delivery vans symbolizing America or our cute little VW bugs!

Our National Headquarters is located at: 227 W Union Ave (Route 28), Bound Brook NJ 08805, conveniently located near Routes 22, 287 202 206 and 78. We can be contacted locally at 1-(732)-469-7673.

Our shop and offices are housed in a 19th century mansion, modeled after the Longfellow House. It's a great building! Modified with the addition of greenhouses and specially designed refrigerated areas, it is a great place to visit. Come on in when you're in the area. We love company!

We are a leader in the flowers-by-wire business, and have become one by setting the trends and standards for others in our field. Our sales people are florists - not just "order takers" - and recognize quality flowers.

Your order can be sent across town- or across the US or Canada- the same day if we receive the order in the morning hours. Complete addresses and phone numbers help deliveries arrive on time.

International orders require about 48 hours from the time placed to delivered. We generally ask the overseas florists to select the best seasonal flowers when filling our orders, however, your preference for colors or types of flowers always takes precedence.

If you've placed an order with America's Florist, you may have received an "Action Card." Please include the Action number, if available, or mention it when calling for quicker service.

Shop Hours

Our Store is Open Mon-Fri 8am till 5 pm, Saturdays 8 am till 1pm. Closed Sundays.

You can place an order 24/7 online or by calling our toll free number, or if you prefer,  leave a message with our after hours staff or on our answering machine @ 1-732-469-7673 and we will return your call.

During peak holidays, hours may be extended. Please call 1-800-872-3567  24/7


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